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You should check the bed for possible punctures by applying soapy water with a sponge.

Should you have a puncture the escaping air will cause the soapy water to bubble and you will be able to locate the hole.

Repair the hole with a repair kit.

The firmness of your airbed may decrease after you first inflate it, feeling like it's losing air; however your airbed is not leaking or losing air.

Some decrease in firmness is normal on airbeds and is most noticeable the first several times you inflate your bed. A loss in firmness may be due to material stretching that occurs naturally from internal air pressure and your own body weight. Temperature changes will also affect the firmness.

If you notice a decrease in your bed's firmness, simply add more air. If you plan on using the bed for a few days or more, you'll need to occasionally add air (right before bedtime is best suggested).

You should charge and discharge your battery operated Coleman product every month to maintain the health of the battery.

Contact Coleman’s tent repair partner to see if they can help with your problem; Lancashire Sports Repair

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